In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous

- Aristotle

If you had told me not too long ago that I would:

Become a Master’s Level Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and create my own luxury botanical skincare line utilizing premium grade essential oils and origin-sourced natural ingredients;

Become a Select Vendor for the VIP Amenities Program and the Spa at Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills (a Four Seasons Hotel) & I would be a regular guest at the Spa at Beverly Wilshire's Annual Red Carpet Academy Awards events to feature my products;

Well, you would have been right.

Back then however, I would have looked at you with bemusement, and maybe a little bewilderment, and said, “No. That isn't the direction I'm headed. That has never even occurred to me."

This is a perfect example that sometimes, being wrong about being sure where we are headed turns out to be a marvelous miscalculation.

La Chemie was inspired by my long-held passion for the regions of the Vaucluse and Luberon in Provence, France. I have wonderful memories of the time I spent in this exquisite corner of France exploring the array of piquant villages of Gordes, Cavaillon, Carpentras, Roussillon, Apt, St. Remy, Isle Sur La Sorgue, Les Beaux and more. Living in Europe for 12 years afforded me this unique and unforgettable opportunity.


My heart still embraces the abundant Provencal fields of indigo and violet lavender, its distinctive, floral and herbaceous fragrance permeating the air. The overflowing fields of lavender, with its nerve-quelling unique fragrance captivated me; and still does.

I close my eyes and see the elegant and narrow poplar trees, standing tall in ordered green geometric rows forming natural fences across the splendorous fields.

I close my eyes and see the blazing blue, bold, bright and cloudless sky of the Provencal noontime. I see the vibrant sky soothe itself down at evening to pale turquoise; gradually softening into hues of gold, deep pink, rose and indigo as the air becomes languid and soft.

I close my eyes and see the steep, ancient roads that twist and wind around the Ancient Roman village of Gordes perched atop a steep high rocky slope; a sedate sentry guarding the expanse of fields and countryside that lies beneath.

I open my ears and hear the cicadas singing in unison at evening time in their regimented cadence, which is relaxing in a peculiarly comforting way.

In my mind I can still walk the winding country roads, pulling walnuts from roadside trees, eating these nourishing nuts and munching on warm, sun-ripened juicy figs which beckon as I meander through the countryside with no particular destination in mind.

I have held these memories close to my heart for years and always will.

My time in the Provence brought me closer to the wonder of nature and all it provides to us for body, mind and spirit. It brought me closer to the natural rhythm of life. It taught me the value of simple, unhurried living. It inspired my pursuit of aromatherapy and the amazing skin, body, mind and spirit benefits of essential oils to rejuvenate your skin and senses.

La Chemie was born of this passion and these lessons. My natural products provide a wonderful way for me to share something truly beneficial and beautiful with others. The La Chemie line of skincare is truly Nature’s Anti-Aging System™ for skin, mind and spirit.

La Chemie is beautiful youthful skin, joy, natural living, perpetual curiosity about the world, wanderlust and a peaceful and generous spirit. It is the joy of an enchanting season of life that I was blessed to experience and want to share.

…I hope everyone can experience a marvelous miscalculation at least once in their lifetime.

More about our Founder
Nancy received her BA in Russian Language from Duke University; MA in Communications from University of Virginia, MHA in Health Policy, Capella University and Master's Level Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy at Aroma Studio, New York City, NY.